Cannon Beach Oregon Engagement | Matthew & Trevor

I first met Matthew when he visited Lincoln, Nebraska to play in a bell choir concert in 2015. He was on tour with his choir from his university in Wisconsin. He first became affiliated with my art through seeing some of my video blogs on YouTube. We only saw each other for a short time during his visit to Nebraska, since his choir had to move swiftly onto the next city, but over social-media we've managed to keep in contact over the last couple of years. I was thrilled and surprised when I found out that Matthew was moving to Oregon, and even more excited to hear that he had gotten engaged!

So, you could imagine, how awesome the feeling to be asked to be his wedding photographer. Don't get me wrong, I love capturing tons of art around people's love for one another, but there is something extra special when given this position knowing a little of their backstory, personally.

Fast forward to October of 2017, and I am taking an early morning flight to meet Matthew & Trevor in Portland to prepare for their shoot. This was the first time all three of us met together in person to talk about photography, but we had done plenty of planning over email to set this up. We were so worried about the weather, as there were rampant reports about rainstorms throughout most of Oregon, including the entire coast, valley, & gorge. But, in trust, and 50% chance of rain, we piled into Matthew's car, driving towards Cannon Beach. The first few photos of the set were taken on small stops en-route.

You wouldn't believe how the weather changed from one minute to the next. As we passed over the final crest leading to the coast, the clouds immediately cleared and we were faced with blue skies and a warm breeze. I ditched my jacket and we spent a little time enjoying the sun on the beach. We headed towards the cliff-sides in the surrounding area and shot a solid set of photos there. (Matthew & Trevor were up for hiking, which made their shoot ALL THE BETTER!!!) The best views somehow always seem to be higher up. :)

Seeing the sun hit a lower angle, we ran back to the car and sped back towards the beach, just arriving in time for some golden-hour goodness. Dodging quite a few tourists also taking advantage of the surprisingly nice weather, we hopped over rocks and ran by the waves and basically just had a great time. We left the beach with full hearts and many full memory cards. 

Here's a selection of my favorites from their set! There are a lot. I love couples who are up for an adventure, and trust me fully in this art!