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cape kiwanda Oregon

Lanny & Josué

Cape Kiwanda; Pacific City; Oregon

How do I even begin writing about this shoot?

It is December 30th, just one day before New Year's Eve, and I'm heading to the coast with my fiancé Michael for an engagement session with Lanny & Josué. What we had planned just weeks before: mittens, heavy jackets, umbrellas, and hopes for temperatures above freezing - all blew away as we rolled down the car windows to feel the warm ocean air over the coastal range. What unseasonably warm, bright, sunny weather, in DECEMBER! It was honestly amazing. I've experienced nothing like this in Oregon, in December. If someone had told me it was July, I would have believed them.

As soon as we arrived to Pacific City, Michael and I took advantage of the infamous Pelican Pub & Brewery right off the sand and got ourselves some fish and chips. Well, Michael actually stood in line (it was insanely busy) as I ran to Cape Kiwanda just down the beach to check out the lighting and shoot locations. The beach was crawling with out-of-towners and visitors all coming to take advantage of this seemingly end of December summer, and for New Year's Eve of course.

As I climbed the Great Dune towards the cape, I was quickly reminded of my days spent as a kid sliding down the dune on make-shift sleds. We used to have family reunions with all of my cousins and relatives at a beach house just blocks away. All happy memories. I loved this place. It's pretty amazing to revisit some of these beautiful locations I've known for years and finally create some great art with awesome people. Believe it or not, growing up I thought Oregon was quite ugly, and incredibly boring. HA! 

I shook off my jacket, then my sweater, and then my beanie, and headed back to the Pelican Pub. Michael and I quickly ate, sitting at the edge of the sand, and just finished as Lanny & Josué met us. 

Pacific City Cape Kiwanda

We had an incredible time traversing the beach rock and extending cape. With a location like Cape Kiwanda on a sunny day, you seriously cannot go wrong. I was a little concerned that some parts of the cape would be slick or muddy, but Lanny & Josué showed up ready for an adventure, and completely trusted me. We were able to make it to the edge of the cape and really get some of my favorite images I've ever taken. I'm so happy to share these with you!

We watched the sun go down, and marveled at the colors invading the ocean. I realized once again that this is exactly why I love capturing my clients in the midst of nature. We mingled our way back to the Pelican Pub and enjoyed a beer on the back deck of the brewery facing the ocean. 

Huge thanks to the best person in the world, Michael Lindsay for assisting me on this shoot. He may be going to dental school, but he's still great with the camera. And thank you for reading along! If you've enjoyed this blog, please make sure to sign up for my newsletter! Enter your email into the box near the top of this page. You'll receive news and updates whenever I post a new video, blog, and other creations!