Tambo del Inka Resort & Spa | Paradise in the Sacred Valley

Tambo del Inka Luxury Colleciton Resort & Spa Enterance

I’ve never felt so spoiled walking into a hotel than when I first walked into Tambo del Inka after a full day of traveling the Sacred Valley countryside. If you’re planning your journey to Machu Picchu, or looking to experience Andean and Quechua culture, you’ve come to the right place. As you descend down the mountains surrounding Urubamba (which itself sits in a valley at 9,000 feet), the red tiled roof of Tambo del Inka highlights itself amongst the eucalyptus trees. Find yourself in the lobby warming up in front of the massive stone fireplace, then head to your room to prepare for some well deserved time at the spa. There’s really no better way to relax in the Sacred Valley than this.

Incan architecture and artwork provide the stunning atmosphere, while the slow-style of the resort gives you room to breathe as you acclimatize to the high altitude. Really, your body will thank you for the breather if you’re en-route to Machu Picchu. Not only is Urubamba itself a charming town to see, but Tambo del Inka is conveniently located just 15 minutes away from the Incan ruins of Ollantaytambo and Moray. Enjoy the sights and immerse yourself in the culture while you linger in the heart of the Andes!

In all honesty, I wasn’t previously aware that dedicating days out of my trip to experience the Sacred Valley would be such an important culturally enlightening experience. I knew I had to see Cusco, and Machu Picchu goes without mentioning, but Valle Sacrado? This was the biggest surprise for my time in Peru. If you really want to see Andean culture, this is the perfect place to be to see sights like the Living Museum of Yucay. We have Lima Tours to thank for including time in the Sacred Valley as an essential part of our trip.

My room provided a comfortable sanctuary, complete with a balcony overlooking the mountainside and a variety of birds flying through the trees. The bar, still in view of the lobby’s fireplace coaxed me in with it’s towering ceilings and an incredible passionfruit signature cocktail. As we packed and prepared to continue on our journey, I couldn’t help but wish I had more time at Tambo del Inka. The provided breakfast buffet featuring plenty of Peruvian classics really sealed the deal! But alas, with many beautiful and historic sights to see, we must venture on. One day, I will certainly return to this favorite sanctuary in the Sacred Valley.

Hotel photos ft. rooms & dining via Tambo del Inka
Special thanks to our guides at Lima Tours