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Something that is grossly underrated throughout the world and life in general, is Nordic cuisine. It's iconic, it's amazing, it's everything you didn't know you wanted or needed in life, and more. I'm here to tell you, over latter half of the 20th century, Scandinavia has gone through quite a Renaissance when it comes to the diversity and presentation over their previously classic dishes. As Scandinavia's largest metropolitan area, Copenhagen not only boasts some of the greatest and famously sought-after restaurants, but a huge variety of world-class fare. Whether you're stopping in Denmark's capital city for a quick stopover, or diving in for a long immersive experience, you won't want to miss discovering a bit of what makes this place magical, the food!

In this blog I'm listing a combination of restaurants - some cheap and affordable, others made for a once-in-a-lifetime visit. Treat this list as a jumping off point for your travel plans! Mark these locations on your map as you decipher what food you'd like to try while visiting this magical city!

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12 Amazing Eats & Treats in Copenhagen


This place has a special place in my heart. Not only does it have incredible food, but it's where I went for dinner with my new fiancé immediately after getting engaged. Serving up traditional homestyle danish food, this cozy 18th century basement venue is a place you won't want to miss. It's one of Copenhagen's oldest restaurants. I recommend making reservations, however we were lucky enough to be seated immediately without calling in! They wine and dined us and treated us to a huge variety of smørrebrød! Check out the slides below for fun little snaps from our meal at this charming historic restaurant.


For when you may be craving something a little less authentic, check out this affordable and chill burger joint. This casual, cozy, laid back bar is perfect for groups. It's located right next to Copenhagen Downtown Hostel, and a short walk from many of the tourist attractions in the heart of central Copenhagen. 


You'll smell the fire-roasted pizza wafting into the streets as you walk by this charming and romantic restaurant. Quaint and cozy, this basement pizza diner is located in the historic Magstræd. This street is lined with extremely colorful housing, and the lighting is perfect for fun portraits nearly any time of day. You'll definitely want to call in early to make a reservation, as this place is hopping come evening hours.

Magstraed Historic Restaurants

DØP (Den Økologiske Pølsemand) - $

No stop in Denmark is complete without a try of Døp's Danish hotdogs. They are cheap, they are incredible, they are everything that you want in life and more. Located extremely close to the Rundetårn, you can catch one of these hotdogs just after spotting the view up the Round Tower! The interesting toppings and condiments are the best!

Michael & Matthew with Døp
Døp the best hotdogs in Copenhagen

HØST - $$$

This is an award winning kitchen and a highly sought after restaurant. A meal here costs a pretty krone, but if you are a foodie seeking surprising and enticing intuitive dishes, this is the place for you! Høst contains a stylish dining room with white walls & rustic wooden tables, primarily serving contemporary Nordic cuisine. For a romantic meal with your lover or a treat among friends you'll never forget, be sure to make a reservation far enough in advance!


The infamous “Paper Island”, most likely probably one of the greatest places you will ever go in your life. Get ready to be WOW'ed as you step into this enormous warehouse (that in a way felt like stepping into the Disney World of street food). This place is filled to the brim with gourmet street food, ethnic varieties and danish classics. My first time here, we walked around for over an hour just sniffing and looking and tasting. We could not decide what to eat, there were too many choices. So, like any hungry tourist wood, we tried a little bit of everything. Go here, eat here, drink here, meet some new friends!

Papirøen Places To Eat


Charming restaurant featuring classic smørrebrød, a buffet with 10 pickled herring dishes, 20 types of schnapps, and just about any other Danish food craft you can think of! Beautifully perched in Copenhagen’s historic Nyhavn, this lovely restaurant creates the perfect setting for an evening meal. This is located in a highly touristed area, and while it doesn’t hold the most superb quality fine-dining dishes, the herring bar is INCREDIBLE. I stopped by this restaurant for one of my first meals in Copenhagen and had a fantastic time. Personally, I believe that if you like herring, particular fish, and would like a simple introduction to Danish cuisine, this place is awesome.

Indoor cafes and restaurants in Copenhagen

NOMA - $$$$

Touting not one, but two-Michelin-stars, Noma is arguably the best restaurant in all of Copenhagen. As chef Rene Redzepi’s gastronomic mecca, Noma creates world-class dishes presented in 20-course meals. Noma is renowned for reinventing and mixing the design of cooking Nordic cuisine. Freshly seasonal foraged ingredients are combined in a one-of-a-kind, almost impossibly genius way. A visit to this world-famous restaurant will be kept as a sweet memory for the rest of your life. Yes, it's quite expensive, and you must make reservations months in advance, but as a foodie - this could be the main attraction, the very reason you travel to Denmark.


Can't decide quite what to eat? Make your way to Torvehallerne! This large covered indoor plaza is full of trendy cafes and bars serving an eclectic variety of artisan foods. Listed below are a couple of my favorite stops, but there are many more to choose from!


This is something everyone must try while visiting Copenhagen, the famous Danish open-faced sandwich! Stop by this shop within Torvehallerne and experience some of the most envied Smørrebrød in the city! Made freshly in-front of you and delivered immediately, Hallernes has a huge variety to choose from - some typical, and some surprising! Enjoy within Torvehallerne's modern and contemporary environment.


One of Copenhagen’s best coffee locations serving top quality espresso. I stopped here for a simple cappuccino, and after my first sip wanted a few more. Grab a cup for here, grab another to go, and purchase a couple bags of beans to take along with you! 



Vafflebageren is the ice cream and waffle shop on the edge of Copenhagen’s historic Nyhavn! You won't walk by Nyhavn without noticing this place. Literal heart-eyes. We must have stopped here 10 different times while on our first trip to Copenhagen. It’s conveniently located, and the smell of the sweet waffles blossoms out of the doors into the cobblestone lined streets. You can’t miss it, you won't miss it, you might end up eating several of these by your trips end!

Nyhavn Restaurants


There are A LOT of places to eat around Copenhagen. At times, we felt a bit overwhelmed by the choices. Something that Copenhagen has down pat for tourists, is breakfast. There are thousands of cafes with outdoor seating and little cozy indoor tables offering breakfast specials. Just look for the signs displaying the prices and specials of the morning and you are bound to find a quick breakfast fix! We particularly enjoyed this quaint cafe called Kompa'9 just a short jaunt off of Copenhagen's largest shopping street, Strøget!

Copenhagen Breakfast